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Automate business diligence and periodic reviews

Diligence AI compiles a holistic view of a business by aggregating documents, corporate registry information and open-source research in minutes.

“Greenlite’s analysis is as good – if not better – than if a human did the review. It’s not just box checking, it genuinely raises our compliance standards.”

Maurice Harary
Chief Executive Officer

We support fintechs and banks across three continents

Greenlite assembles a comprehensive view of a customer risk into an easy-to-digest risk report with actionable information. And it only takes a few seconds.

Meet your regulatory requirements more efficiently with generative AI

Double the diligence, half the time

Accelerate onboarding, approve more business applications, and stay ahead of the competition — all while reducing fraud and staying compliant.

Automated periodic reviews for businesses

Diligence AI helps you review customers faster by automating the tedious parts of customer due diligence.

Built for global businesses

Diligence AI can research businesses around the globe, helping you support more businesses with the proper monitoring.


Open-Source Intelligence

Greenlite assesses the company’s reputation, business activities and corporate standing using advanced OSINT techniques.

Document Reviews

Greenlite uses AI and computer vision to assess company documentation related to business formation, licenses or account applications.

Financial Analysis

Greenlite reviews on-platform transactions and submitted financial statements to assess a company’s standing and business activities.

Powerful summaries

Greenlite summarizes hours of diligence into easy to understand reports, perfect for making high-quality risk based decisions.

Enterprise Grade Security

Greenlite has been audited and certified as SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. This industry leading standard highlights our commitment to enterprise-level security, data privacy and confidentiality for all customers we serve.

Start scaling business diligence and ongoing monitoring with AI

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