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Fluz automates AML alert handling and raises the bar on compliance

Fluz uses Greenlite's Alerts AI to cut time spent handling false positives by 98% while raising the bar on compliance
Will Lawrence
Co-founder and CEO at Greenlite
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Fluz, the leading cashback platform designed to maximize savings for its users, implemented Greenlite’s Alerts AI to scale their ability to handle AML alerts.

Within two weeks, Alerts AI reduced false positives by 98% and sped up the resolution of alerts by over 80%. Critically, it also raised the bar on compliance quality, exceeding what their human team was able to do alone. This allowed their core team to focus on improving their cashback platform for businesses and consumers around the US.

Maurice Harary, Fluz's CEO, praised the system for its capability to operate like an always-on analytical team, significantly streamlining Fluz's operations.


As Fluz prepared to scale its operations across new product lines, the team foresaw a significant increase in AML alerts. Given Fluz's commitment to using technology to streamline processes, the company looked for an innovative solution to manage the anticipated increase in alerts without merely expanding its team size.


Fluz implemented Greenlite’s Alerts AI to evaluate alerts in an automated way. It connected seamlessly into their internal process and was deployed in under a week. Fluz was also able to customize Alerts AI to meet their unique risk standards.

“Greenlite’s analysis is as good – if not better – than if a human did the review. It’s not just box checking, it genuinely raises our compliance standards.”

- Maurice Harary, Chief Executive Officer at Fluz


  • 98% fewer false positives to investigate
  • 80% reduction in time to close monthly screening alerts volume
  • Improved compliance investigation and documentation quality

Through Greenlite's Alerts AI, Fluz can disposition more false positives, improve disposition quality and prioritize higher priority compliance initiatives.

This improves their overall operations, allowing Fluz to focus on making money work harder for more people and businesses.

“Greenlite enabled us to be as thorough as we’d like but at scale. It’s like having a team of analysts working 24/7 on this workflow.”

-Maurice Harary, Chief Executive Officer at Fluz.

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