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Automate AML alert handling with GenAI

Alerts AI removes false positives, manual reviews and expensive overhead from alert handling, starting with screening alerts.

“Greenlite’s analysis is as good – if not better – than if a human did the review. It’s not just box checking, it genuinely raises our compliance standards.”

Maurice Harary
Chief Executive Officer

Trusted by banks and fintechs across three continents

10x more effective than outsourced analysts

Greenlite dramatically improves compliance operations while raising the internal bar on quality.

Resolve more alerts than 8 human analysts

Alerts AI works 24/7 to handle alerts, allowing it to evaluate more alerts than a small team of analysts.

Highly auditable and well-cited

Alerts AI writes an audit-ready evaluation and stores all supporting evidence in a robust audit log.

Scales without the pains of hiring

Alerts AI ramps up and down with your customer volume, avoiding the need to hire, fire and train analysts seasonally.

How it works

Alerts AI pairs generative AI, data licenses and regular QA from our in-house human team to handle alerts better and faster than a team of 6 outsourced analysts.

Connect via API

Greenlite seamlessly connects with internal or third-party screening systems with out highly-performant API platform.

24/7 AML Investigations

Greenlite researches the potential match using generative AI and access to open-source intelligence -- including public databases, media records and primary sources.

Auditable Evaluations

Greenlite explains why the alert is a true or false positive using clearly cited sources, human-level reasoning and a robust audit log.

Quality Assurance Included

Alerts AI is supported by an in-house quality assurance team that consistently improves accuracy, reasoning and investigation techniques.

Enterprise Grade Security

Greenlite has been audited and certified as SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. This industry leading standard highlights our commitment to enterprise-level security, data privacy and confidentiality for all customers we serve.

Work smarter, not harder

Take advantage of Alerts AI to meet compliance obligations more efficiently than ever before.