Announcing our $4.8M Seed Round
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Onboard customers faster with AI

Greenlite automates manual compliance reviews at onboarding, helping you convert customers when they have the highest intent

Trusted by banks and fintechs across three continents

Stop losing good customers

Customers in a manual review queue are 72% more likely to abandon account opening. Greenlite helps you onboard high-value customers by automating these reviews in real-time.

Loved by CEOs, compliance leaders and product teams

No compromises necessary; Greenlite increase diligence quality while converting more customers

"Greenlite helps us scale our compliance operations without throwing more people at the problem. This helps us strengthen our regulatory posture while growing fast."
Aditya Haripurkar
Chief Executive Officer at HitPay
"Greenlite massively reduces the time we spend on manual reviews, letting us focus on more strategic work like program development and market expansion."
Grace Moloney
Head of Compliance and Financial Crime at Avian Labs
"Greenlite is a game-changer for the financial crime industry. Their AI helps us meet our high regulatory standards in a fraction of the time."
Ryan Tite
AML Product Lead at BridgeTrust

Unlock the most powerful onboarding automation suite

Solve manual bottlenecks at each point of onboarding, helping you increase compliance levels while growing more efficiently

Application Checks

Confirm that an application is complete in seconds, avoiding the need for back and forth emailing

Automated RFIs

Request missing documentation or additional details while customers are still on your website

Automated Due Diligence

Perform a thorough customer review in minutes at any time of the day

AI Alert Handling

Automatically evaluate sanction, PEP and adverse media alerts, helping your team clear them faster.

AI Document Reviews

Analyze incorporation, financial and business documents during onboarding

Periodic Reviews

Automatically review customers periodically depending on their risk rating

Unparalleled Return on Investment

Greenlite helps you onboard more customers, increase compliance standards and deliver a great customer experience. It's a rare win-win-win.

Onboard more customers

Faster customer time to value

Lower internal overhead


What is Greenlite?

What is generative AI and why is it different from the AI in our other compliance, fraud, and risk systems?

How does Greenlite's AI technology work? What makes it reliable and accurate?

What benefits can we expect from Greenlite?

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